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About Us

Homoeopathic Medical Publishers, as the name suggests, is a publishing firm that publishes Homeopathic books in different languages for homeopathic students and practitioners. The Mumbai, Maharashtra (India) based Exporter, Book Publisher & Supplier was started way back in 1955, and since then has been publishing and selling books, majorly written by Dr. Rajan Sankaran- one of the worldâ€Â™s foremost homeopaths, who practices in Mumbai. The company also publishes titles authored by colleagues like (Late) Dr. P. Sankaran, Roger Morrison, Anne Schadde, and Jan Scholten (the last three contributors solely for Asian territory). Not only this, people can avail books authored by Dr. Jayesh Shah, Dr. Ashok Borkar and Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar.

Book Readership Survey

We conduct Book Readership Survey, whereby we welcome comments on any of the book authored by Dr. Rajan Sankaran & his colleagues. Who so ever feedback is considered valuable, is rewarded by a FREE lecture by Dr. Rajan Sankaran, wherein the latest evolution of the Sensation Method, called Synergy is explained along with a case illustration.

Seminars by Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Anyone interested in this field of homeopathy can also grab the opportunity to listen to Dr. Sankaran. Several seminars are arranged in different areas of the world, so that everyone gets to attend this knowledgeable sessions. The upcoming seminar is in Tokyo, Japan from November 21-23, 2015, in which he will share his valuable in-sight on the practice of homeopathy, some tips and tricks for successful practice.

What Makes Us Different?
  • Long and rich history
  • Marketing reach
  • Industry-leading insight into reader & consumer behavior
  • Innovation & technological advancement
All Type Of Homeopathic Medical Book & DVDs

Explore the entire range of books and DVDs that we bring to enlighten and provide bried knowledge on the subject of Homeopathy.
  • Homeopathic Books In English
    • From Similia To Synergy
    • The Synergy In Homeopathy
    • The Elements of Homeopathy
    • Synergy Synopsis
    • The Other Song
    • Provings
    • The System of Homeopathy
    • The Sensation in Homeopathy
    • Sensation Redefined
    • An Insight Into Plants Books Vol 1
    • An Insight Into Plants Books Vol 2
    • An Insight Into Plants Books Vol 3
    • Sankarans Plant Sensation In Picture Books
    • Sankaran's Schema
    • Structure (Vol 1 & 2)
    • The Spirit Of Homeopathy
    • The Substance Of Homeopathy
    • The Soul Of Remedies
    • Survival- the Mollusc
    • Survival- the Reptile (Vol 1 & 2)
    • Pathology Factor in Remedy Selection
    • Sage of Love & Grace
    • Just You See
  • Homeopathic Books In German
    • Die Empfindung - Verfeinerung der methode
    • Die 18 Methoden
    • 12 Tage Homöopathie an der Akademie
  • DVD-English
    • Sankaran Live
    • Spirit, Song and Sensation
    • Let's talk about talking
  • Vital Quest Software
Our Facility & Team

The company employs around ten people in its publishing house in Santacruz(W), Mumba, which is supported by publishing experts and production team. From typesetting, pages & mechanical, filming, stripping, blueprints, plate making, printing to binding; the complete pulishing process is carried out in-house by professionals. We have installed all the requisite machinery and equipment to carry out these tasks. A sample of a book is published and tested using instruments, like densitometers, colorimeters, paper hygroscopes and inkometers.

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